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I am John Kirsch!

First and foremost, I am the father to a beautiful child named Nora who is 8 and lives with her mother in Iowa. Everything else I do or don't do is influenced and prioritized by that fact that I have influence over her. Her presence has made me more conservative than I used to be, but I will never be a conformist robot.  My goal for her is to expose her to all aspects of life, and ensure that she has an educated and rational brain in her skull to make the right choices for herself and by herself someday.

I am the bass player and manager for the dance cover band, Seven 7 and have been since 2001. I have played in many bands over the years, and I am a musician at heart.  Bass Player for the Athens 80s band, Dawg Wild which is also known as the Cravin-Moorehead Band.  I have been doing Athens and Atlanta based website design professionally since 1997, I have been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 1998.  I currently do computer work for the UGA Police Department as my day job.  I have a lot more stuff about my bands on my myspace site. I am also taking psychology classes at Gainesville State College.

Please visit my personal myspace site or Seven7's myspace site and sign up to be my friend because the information on this site tends to get old, but I keep that stuff up to date:


My beautiful daughter in 07

12-15-2006 Live at John Taylor's Meet and Greet at Neiman Marcus
(or in the words of an old friend's daughter, "creepy old guy with makeup")

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Nothing as complicated as even the simplest form of life could happen by accident.

Women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies regardless of what anyone's morality dictates. (Your's or Mine)


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Little Known Facts

  • In addition to Nora, I have a daughter from my 1st marriage named Kira Statson who was adopted by a man named James Statson in 1995. I believe she lives in California with James and Linda Statson. I would welcome hearing from her.
  • I was the youngest of 8 kids.  1 of my sisters and 2 of my brothers had 1st names that begin with J.
  • Seven 7 Band is GA's dance band and 80s rock pop band.
  • I am available for freelance electric bass contract work in the studio and stage.  I also do sound reinforcement /music production.

After years of being a devout 5 string player, my favorite basses are my 4 string Squire p and j basses with American electronics and pickups.

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John Kirsch Web Design, Bass Player, and Sound Recording and live music production are my hobbies and businesses. I am a athens ga based bass player otherwise known as an Atlanta bassist.  I do website marketing as a hobby for businesses I appreciate.   I don't do Georgia based website marketing for your company or winder night club for free.  Sorry :(